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Supporting young sport talents and riding the wave to success together is part of our philosophy. Here are some of the most exceptional young women and men you will find, geniuses in their sport.

Markus Saurer

Ever since I was a little Kid, I went to the woods to doublecheck the limits of myself and my bike. Building ramps and conquering them was a vital part growing up. However, until 2012 mountain biking was just my second biggest passion: motocross was priority number one and I put my name down at the very front end of the result lists. Variety and Diversity of dirtjump brought me eventually back to my roots and I committed myself totally to the sport. Since then, every day is spent on two wheels with a bar in my hands flipping and spinning. Motivation play a major role in the FMB World Tour is above 100%. Even if the weather is not on my side, you can find me moving closer to my goal improving my fitness on my enduro bike or in the gym. Right according to my motto: “Work until your idols become your rivals.”

Philipp Schweighofer

Born and raised in Gleisdorf Austria, I skated since I was a little kid. The love for skateboarding hit me back in the days then when hanging out out my friends in the streets. In 2008 me and my friends founded the Sounds Good skateboarding Crew. To express our love for skateboarding, we are shooting skateboarding videos and organize skate trips in Austria and abroad. Favourite destinations of mine are Prague and Barcelona.

Besides GrumpyScampi I am also riding for Blue Tomato Graz.
Specialized in grinds, I am currently preparing for the next upcoming full length video project to be filmed across Europe.

Deck: Zero 8,5
Axis: Thunder 159
Wheels: Bones 54mm
Bearings: Bones Reds

Manuel Schinnerl

No matter if wakeboard or snowboard, the limits are there to be pushed further. Favourite spots of mine are Wakepark Planksee and Waterpark Graz, where I regularly ride with my crew. But it does not always have to be Austria. The world is a wakepark, from Asia to America, extreme sports, adventure and action are the drivers of my trips all around the world. Proud to be a GrumpyScampi teamrider, for me the brand incorporates all these elements and creates a fresh style on the scene.

Junior Team

Matteo Gasser

East Tyrol, Austria, not only the place where I grew up, also the magical place where I’ve been introduced to my life partner: my first skateboard. Since then, 2013, there is hardly a day where I leave my board at home, hardly a day where I don’t work on new tricks and return home occasionally with some scars but always a big smile on my face after nice sessions. I can’t see myself leaving the house without my deck and even if my first one might have been replaced numerous times due to failed tricks and resulting cracks – you know what they say, you have to break an egg to make an omelet!

Deck: Baker.(8.25)
Trucks: silver.(147)
Wheels: spitfire F1 (50mm)

Photo by Bastian Gasser

Fabian Walcher

Wakeboarding for me means breaking free while expressing myself in creative ways. Everyday I try hard to enhance my skills. GrumpyScampi has realized how much I burn for this sport! I am proud to be able to call myself a member of this team. Moreover, GrumpyScampi perfectly connects the dots between my two passions >  traveling and wakeboarding.

Kilian Pircher

Life is better on a board. Since I was a little kid, I have been snowboarding all winter. But I needed somthing for the summer as well and I didn´t like the idea of going swinmming all the time.  So I tried something new, wakeboarding and liked it so much that since that very day I have gone every weekend to the cable to learned new stuff. Now I love wakeboarding much more than any other kind of sport. Every time I´m on my board I give my best and push myself to the limit to learn new tricks, which no one else can do. I am proud to be a member of the GrumpyScampi-Team! Now there are no limits with this sponser.

Luca Maurer

I started wakeboarding 3 years ago when my cousin Maxi Maurer showed me the way. Soon I really got into this sport and Maxi still helps me to push my riding even further. Now, everytime I ride with my friends, I try to learn new tricks, improve my wakeboarding skills, and style-up my tricks. I am really looking forward to the coming season and I am glad to be a member of the GrumpyScampi Junior Team!


Ronja Hänsel

Originally from Vienna, I always loved being in the mountains and the snow. In 2011 I switched from skiing to snowboarding. One thing led to another and since autumn 2016 I attend the Ski-Hak-Schladming. Suddenly not only 3 weeks, but the whole year is about snowboarding. Every time I am on snow, I try to push myself to the limits, try new tricks and jump even bigger kickers or slide down more challenging rails (regardless of the weather). For me it means both, a challenge and big joy to ride for GrumpyScampi

“Always try to stay positive, no matter how often you fail”

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