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Rocking 80ies sound and lyrics reminiscent of poetry à la Nick Cave. The ensemble with vocals that could originate from Jim Morrison, reveals a promising mixture of Garage Rock and Punk. The three Vienna-based musicians’ musical influences are captured on their debut album ‘trouble beautiful trouble’ released by Independent Audio Management.

Rarely your hear the terms ‘Garage Rock’ and ‘Austria’ in one sentence. Too long  was the pleasure denied for die-hard fans to place the needle of the record player on a rough and dirty sounding record allowing oneself a canned beer.

WarHoles are taking up on these days with their debut album and serving red wine instead of beer with rough sounds, distorted guitars and bass and ecstatic lyrics.

WarHoles are making use of different styles within their songs. Sometimes drummer Ion Illus and guitarist Vincen Dwight Hadriga are creating a dark sound, sometimes singer been Orelian uses vocals from former days of the glorious rock. nonetheless all the songs are leading back to their origin, but remain an alien between rock and punk.

Ion Illus (drums), Vincent Dwight Hadriga (guit./bass/additional voc.), been Orelian (voc.)



Anyone claiming to play rock music without even producing a minimum amount of glow, smoke and ashes has failed his profession as badly as a mentally challenged quantum physicist. Nevermind that some profiled wise guys at some pop academy try to tell you otherwise. You know how it is mate. – I’m sorry, I actually don’t. It should, therefore, not be accidental that lead singer and song writer Maxim Eczyk and guitarist Torsten Rollinger found themselves in the flood of Germans moving to Vienna as addiction refugees. A bigger coincidence could be that they met Dominic Rubas (base), Christian Anich (keys) and Patrick Huter (drums). Maybe it was no coincidence but a lucky twist of fate, but lucky nonetheless, that’s for sure. Anyway, this twist brings with it a series of important questions. Questions of “How?” For example: How can you write a chorus dissolving in such amazing sadness like the one in “Odyssey” does? How elegantly can Vicious set up their landing in the realms of heavy-hearted gloom rock reigned by the likes of the Doors, Joy Division and Editors? How much more promising could a debut EP be?
How dark must a soul be that is capable of releasing such a haunted baritone voice? And how the hell does it fit into such a skinny body as Eczyk’s? How can you learn to smoke, dance, handle the keys and raise your fist as simultaneously and nonchalantly as Anich does? And how long will it take Vicious to release their debut LP? Just to name a few…

All these questions pop up when seeing Vicious perform, and yet, their answers have to be postponed as stronger urges wanting to be satisfied grow in you when hearing the black-and-white shaded sound: You want to put on your most raddled clubbing clothes, you want to hang out in shady bad-aired corners waiting for the next dealer to come by. You want to advance the most beautiful, most chilling, most above reach person of the evening and serve her or him your heart on a silver tray, knowing that she or he will splatter it and stub out a Marlboro Light in the shards. You want to be young enough not to care about health or money, and at the same time you want to be worn out and lost enough to just hold on for another miracle. If you hear Vicious, you want to smoke.
If you have kept at least a small sense of art, taste and style, you should know that in these dull days this is one of the highest compliments for rock music you can give.



When listening to Witchrider, you will eventually end up in a void. It might creep you out at first, but if you let it in you’ll find that it’s actually the beauty that’s been haunting you… “The thing about making music is, there are no boundaries. It’s like a spirit of emotions that eventually passes through your body…you never know what you’re gonna’ end up with.” says frontman Daniel Dorninger. “Playing live is one of the most important aspects to being a band. It’s the way of connecting with the crowd and fans; see how they respond to the songs and just to experience how the energy flows.” Although the songs work with each other as one whole picture, Witchrider’s music seems to vary a bit from time to time. “I always found musical style not really that important. What counts the most is whether you can identify yourself with the music or not. I know I can and I am happy about every person who can as well. I think that’s what makes music “cool”.” replied Hans-Peter. “Some people are calling it stoner-rock, some alternative, some occult-rock… I think we’re happy with that for now.” says Michael.


Sinetry hit the Austrian music scene in early 2012 and soon achieved first successes with their guitar-based indie pop rock. The strong request for a studio record was met by releasing their debut EP „7pm“ in July 2012. On „7pm“, 5 tracks unfold their atmosphere amongst Coldplay and Green Day. The release brought along various press mentions, articles and blog entries, „featured track“ and airplay on „Radio Caroline” – considered as UK‘s biggest pirate radio as well as supporting shows for Manfred Mann‘s Earth Band and german band “Grossstadtgeflüster”. In early 2013 Sinetry was asked to join a TV-interview with Puls4 Musicjournalist Armin Doppelbauer, which was broadcasted on several TV channels (Puls 4, ProSieben, Sat1 and Kabel 1). Currently Sinetry is working on a new album scheduled for release in late 2013.


DEFCON have been captivating their audience ever since mid-2006, when the band exploded on the European scene like the musical H-bomb they are. Following their full length record “Neon Nights” (2009), the EP “Fuel the Fire” (2007) and about 250 shows later, their last album “This Age of Entitlement” is influenced by new trendsetting tunes pointing towards disco and rock’n’roll and promises a new detonation in the scene. This record features acclaimed music producer Toni Loitsch (of Die Toten Hosen, The Sorrow, Red Lights Flash, Caliban, Surfaholics and Estate) and was recorded at the infamous Principal Studios in Münster, Germany. The band received outstanding reviews in many of the biggest rock zines throughout Europe. It also enjoyed massive airplay for their videos “King Of The World” and the single “Dance, Narcissist! Dance!” on the European music channel GOTV.

Photography by Stefan Lozar.

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